Monday, June 29, 2009

My Return to where it all began

I am looking forward to my return to Norfolk Island. I was last there in 1997 when my wife and I meet Kirsti VK9NL & Jim VK9NS and was looking forward to spending time with Jim.I always told Jim I would follow in his footsteps and do as many DX'Peditions as I can in my life as I don't know any better way to enjoy your life than to travel and as long as I take the family sometimes I'm ok with the xyl and the kids hi.

I am up to 13 true dx'peditions outside my home country of vk and with calls of VK9IR,VK9NI,3D2IR,5W0IR,KH8/VK2IR,J6/VK2IR,6Y5/VK2IR,SY8AN,YJ0IR,ZK1IR,SV5/VK2IR,SV8/VK2IR,SV9/VK2IR,ZL1/VK2IR and not to mention the trips to KH6,N6,N4,KB2,N2 and other US states which like most local island activations don't count.

I return with a few more operators this time as we set up for the VK9NI DX'Pedition which starts on the 22-29 July.

I will operate the nights of the 19-22 with my Norfolk Island call of VK9IR and hope to work you all from there.

73'S Tommy VK9IR
Australian home call - VK2IR
Greek home call - SV0XBF

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